Ice Sleeve (Hot+Cold Sleeve)

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Save yourself from pain, heat, and messy, uncomfortable ice packs with the Ice Leg Sleeve! The Ice Leg Sleeve is a versatile product used for hot or cold pain treatment, or for overall body cooling in a performance application for running, cycling, gym, or team sports. The flexible gel sleeve will hold its temperature for over an hour, and can double its size when stretched, to fit all bodies and limbs comfortably while resting or on the go.

For cold therapy place the Ice Sleeve in the freezer for coldest use, or in the refrigerator for a gentle, more immediate treatment, and apply wherever you need targeted, temporary relief from muscle pain and soreness or injury. For heat, wrap sleeve in a wet towel and place in the microwave for 60-90 seconds.

The gel packs are soft and flexible, and the fabric is designed and stitched to maximize stretchability, allowing a wide range of fit, with a comfort and mobility you never thought possible from an ice pack.

Place the Ice Sleeve on your wrists for performance application, where studies have shown it can effectively lower overall body temperature. It’s so comfortable that you’ll forget it’s there due to the light weight and highly-stretchable fabric, giving better results in competition or hard training.

Sizing Guide: (Circumference)

Small: 5.5 in - 10 in

Medium: 7.5 in - 14 in

Large: 10 in - 18 in

X-Large: 12.5 in - 21 in