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Ice Legs

Cooling Vest

Cooling Vest

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The Ice Legs Cooling Vest is designed to keep an athlete’s core temperature down before competition. No need for a freezer—just dunk it in your cold cooler of ice water, wring it out, and it will keep a cooler temperature for 5-10 hours!

Professional cyclists find that warming up their legs on a stationary bike is important for performance, but in hot temperatures, “warming up” could also affect hydration process and raise your body temperature, which hurts performance. Cooling vests are commonly used during warmup for time trials to keep the overall body temperature cool, while racers warm up their muscles to perform.

Hot conditions reduce power output and running pace, so Ice Legs Cooling Vest has the potential to lower core temperature during indoor workouts such as Zwift, Peloton, or treadmill runs, but the light weight and comfortable fabric won’t feel bulky or restrict movement. Cooling could help you burn more calories, perform better on your indoor workout, and feel less depleted after.

You’ll buy it for sport, but thanks to our durable, re-useable fabric, you’ll appreciate the Cooling Vest for work in the yard, on the roof, or if you have to search for something in your garage or attic on a hot day.


Sizing: (Chest Circumference)

XS: "26-30"

Small: 30"- 34"

Medium: 34"- 38"

Large: 38" - 42"

XL: 42"-48"

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Removable icepacks make storege simple for any size freezer.

Easy storage options

Easy to transport! Take Ice Legs on the go in a small cooler and kick start the recovery process immediatley after exercise.